Roof Replacement

Over the years, continual exposure to the elements creates wear and tear on your roof. Eventually, your roof may wear out completely, meaning you need to completely replace it. This can be an intimidating experience, as the magnitude of the job and assumed cost may cause many homeowners to delay this necessary repair. This is not advised as a worn-out roof can cause even further structural damage to your home by being unable to protect it.

Roof Replacement may necessary if:

  • A tree, power line, or other structure falls on it
  • Your roof is more than 25 years old
  • You do not regularly inspect or maintain it
  • It is missing shingles
  • It leaks a lot
  • Mold is growing in it
  • Light is shining through it to the attic
  • Chimney flashing is missing
  • You feel weak or soft spots when walking on it

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